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Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is taking measures to prioritize the safety and health of Manitobans during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We do not expect the COVID-19 pandemic to affect power supply in any way. Manitoba Hydro will continue to work to provide energy to meet the needs of the province. However, we are postponing all non-essential work that requires Manitoba Hydro staff to enter a residence. Non-essential work includes activities such as indoor meter readings or exchanges; residential electrical or natural gas appliance inspections and disconnections. Any work associated with a new build or any outside work will continue at this time. Also, we will continue to provide emergency response for things like outages, carbon monoxide calls, no heat calls and other emergencies. We will update you if our plan changes. Click here for more information

Cancercare Manitoba

As we are entering the second week of managing the COVID-19 situation, it is important that I reach out to you so we all can continue to work together on the impact of COVID-19 on cancer service delivery across the province, including patients in remote locations.

Cancer patients are often immunocompromised and consequently may be at greater risk if exposed to COVID-19. CCMB is focused on minimizing risk of transmission of COVID-19 to cancer patients and staff at CCMB sites, as well as across the province. With this in mind, CCMB Executive will be providing specific recommendations when required to staff and patients. This information is available on the CCMB website.

CCMB recommendations for patients at community cancer sites:

  1. All cancer patients being seen at any cancer facility must be screened for travel outside of Canada and symptoms of COVID-19 on entrance to the facility.
  2. For any patient that is screened positive, the Oncologist at CancerCare Manitoba or the Family Physician in Oncology (FPO) at the Community Cancer Program site should be contacted to determine if the patient is to be seen in person.
  3. If the patient is seen by the Family Practitioner in Oncology that provides care at the Community Cancer site and is screened positive and may require cancer treatment, the FPO will call the patient’s primary Medical Oncologist/Hematologist at CCMB about any decision regarding treatment.

Cancer Treatment Follow-up and Plan

  1. As much as possible, we are carrying out patient visits over the phone or through telehealth rather than in person.
  2. If it is determined by the primary care physician or the nursing station that a cancer patient needs to come to Winnipeg for an appointment or treatment for cancer, and would require overnight accommodation that will fulfill social isolation/distancing, please contact CCMB who will support these special arrangements as required.

Ruth Loewen, Director of the Community Oncology Program (COP) at CancerCare Manitoba, will be CCMB’s main contact for overall planning and direction for these patients. She is working closely with CCMB’s clinical and leadership teams.

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