Government Structure

The Manitoba Metis Federation exists to represent and advance the interests of the Metis people of Manitoba. The Federation is organized and operated based on centralized democratic principles.


The President is the Chief Executive Officer, leader and spokesperson of the Federation. The President is elected in a province-wide election every four years and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Federation.


The Cabinet leads, manages and guides the policies, objectives and strategic direction of the Federation and its subsidiaries. Most importantly, all 23 Cabinet members are democratically elected by the membership.


The Manitoba Metis Federation is organized into seven regional associations or “Regions” throughout the province. Each region is administered by a vice-president and two executive officers, all of whom sit on the MMF’s Board of Directors. These independent officers deliver programs and services to their specific geographic area.


Within each Region are various community-level “Locals” which are administered by a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a secretary-treasurer. A Local must have a minimum of nine members and meet at least four times a year.

As a member, you belong to a Local.

All of the positions mentioned above are elected by Federation members in each designated Region or Local. Regional officers are elected every four years and Local representatives in a time determined by that specific Local.

To find out who are the current elected representatives in your Region or Local, visit the Regions and Locals pages.

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