Métis Harvesters

Email: harvest@mmf.mb.ca

Minister: Leah LaPlante

The MMF Natural Resources Portfolio is dedicated to protecting our Métis Harvesters and our Métis Rights.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about harvesting, please call 204-586-8474 or email harvest@mmf.mb.ca.


Last Updated: May 29, 2020

If you would like to receive your Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) Sticker and big game tags for the 2020-21 Harvesting season, they will be available on June 1st, 2020.

In order to adhere to physical distancing policies and ensure the safety of our citizens and staff, we will be allowing Metis harvesters to receive their CTF sticker and big games tags in the mail. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please contact your Regional Office for assistance.

When you speak with your Regional Clerk, advise them that you would like to purchase your CTF sticker and big game tags. The Clerk will ask you to complete a mandatory harvesting survey, which identifies what you harvested in the last season.

This survey can be completed by the Registry Clerk with you over the phone. The Clerk will record your name and will prepare your harvesting package.

The CTF Purchase Form is available below. Please print the form, fill it out and submit it along with any remaining big game tags you have from last season and $25.00 for your CTF purchase (cash and money order are current acceptable methods of payment) to your Regional Office. Once payment is received in the office, your package with your CTF sticker and big game tags will be mailed to you.

Once you receive your package with CTF sticker and big game tags, please make sure to append your sticker to the back of your harvester card BEFORE you go harvesting to ensure your card is valid. Under our Metis Laws of the Harvest, Big Game season does not open until July 15th. Please
ensure you follow our Metis Harvesting laws and wait until July 15th or after to start big game hunting with your new tags.

The MMF recognizes that this process is different from what we are all used to doing and we may experience some delays getting your CTF to you on June 1st, 2020. To assist our Metis harvesters during this transition period to get your 2020-21 CTF sticker, the MMF will still recognize the 2019-20 CTF stickers as being valid until July 15th, 2020.

This will give all of our harvesters time to receive your new CTF sticker and big game tags in the mail after June 1st.

In response to the developing news of Covid-19 in Manitoba, the MMF Central Registry Office would like to provide Metis citizens the following update to our operations:

•            The Central Registry Office will now remain closed to the public until June 1st, 2020, or later, as necessary

•            The Central Registry Office staff are still working and will do the best to assist citizens and harvesters during this time; please contact your Regional Office via telephone or email if you require assistance

•            All in-person citizenship and harvester intake will be suspended until June 1st, 2020, or later, as necessary; please contact your Regional Office via telephone or email if you require assistance with your citizenship or harvesting application and we will do our best to have your application processed for you

•            Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) stickers and new big game tags will not be available for purchase until June 1st, 2020 or later, as necessary,. Harvesters will be allowed to use their CTF sticker from the 2019-20 harvesting season until May 31st, 2020, or later, as necessary.

•            The season for harvesting most big game species does not open until July 15th, under our normal Laws of the Harvest, except for bear. Harvesters who still have a remaining bear tag from the 2019-20 harvesting season may use that tag until May 31, 2020.

MMF Night Hunting and Night Lighting Agro-Zone Boundary

Following consultations with our Community regarding Night Hunting issues, MMF delegates passed two Resolutions at our Annual General Assembly, on September 24, 2017: First, a complete prohibition on Dangerous Night Spotlighting anywhere in Manitoba; and Second, prohibition of Night Hunting within Agro-Manitoba from dusk to dawn, with continued Night Hunting and Stationary Spotlighting in Non-Agro Manitoba, away from settlements and local populations allowed. With regard to both these Resolutions, the MMF’s directive was to develop policy including definitions, a map, and map notes.

On February 9, 2019 MMF Caucus/Cabinet passed the MMF Night Hunting and Night Lighting Agro-Zone Boundary Resolution, which provides the policy specifying Metis Night Hunting Law in Manitoba. Our Metis Laws of the Harvest will be amended to reflect this Resolution effective April 10, 2019. The MMF will defend any Metis Harvesters exercising Metis harvesting rights in accordance to the Metis Laws of the Harvest.

The following documents are to be used in conjunction with one another:

MMF Night Hunting Law Notice

MMF Cabinet Resolution: Night Hunting and Night Lighting Agro-Zone Boundary Resolution

Schedule A: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Definitions

Schedule B: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Map

Schedule C: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Map Notes

Schedule C: Map Note Overview

Schedule C: Map Note 1

Schedule C: Map Note 2

Schedule C: Map Note 3

Schedule C: Map Note 4

Schedule C: Map Note 5

Schedule C: Map Note 6

Schedule C: Map Note 7

Schedule C: Map Note 8

Map 1: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Game Hunting Areas

Map 2: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Rural Municipalities

Map 3: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Township & Range Grid

2017 MMF AGA Night Hunting and Night Lighting Passed Resolution

Harvester Permission Slips

Due to recurring issues surrounding Métis Harvesters hunting on private land with verbal permission only, the MMF developed a permission slip to be used to obtain written permission from private landowners. This will reduce chances of Harvesters being faced with a hearsay situation if the landowner decides to revoke permission after the fact. Written permission supports a Harvester’s right to hunt on private land when approached by a Conservation Officer. The Métis Harvester Private Land Permission Slip is also available at our Central Registry Office, and through our Regional Offices.

Métis Harvesting Map

View Métis Harvesting Map

Harvesting Notices

NOTICE – Manitoba Métis Harvesting

Documents & Information

Métis Harvester Private Land Permission Slip

Metis Laws of the Harvest. Guide to Metis Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Gathering

Moose Law

Moose hunting closures

2018 to 2019 MMF Harvester Survey

News Releases


Manitoba Metis Federation Annual General Assembly Resolves to Defend Métis Harvesting Rights in Manitoba


2017 AGA Resolution #2 – Night-Hunting in Agro-Manitoba (Southern Manitoba) and the rest of Manitoba (Central and Northern Manitoba)

2017 AGA Resolution #1 – Complete Prohibition on Dangerous Night Spot-Lighting


Metis Laws of the Hunt Influential in Conservation and Recognition of Rights


Read MMF Harvesting Rights News Release

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