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Minister: Frances Chartrand

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Message from the Minister

Our Vision: A well Metis community in Manitoba. The MMF Health & Wellness Department is focused on the following four Key Strategies:

  1. Metis Culture-Based Holistic Wellness Strategy
    This strategy is aimed at achieving wellness for the Metis population in Manitoba through initiatives that are consistent with the holistic philosophy of life.
  2. Metis Health Capacity-Building Strategy
    This strategy entails the recruitment, development and retention of a highly qualified mix of university funded researchers and government funded management and program staff.
  3. Metis Health Research Strategy
    This strategy will produce a variety of knowledge based on research, Metis citizen voice, MMF Region social and economic programs and services, Regional Health Authority health program and services, associated literature, and discussion from Region Knowledge Networks.
  4. Metis Health Knowledge Authority Strategy
    This strategy involves the development of the MMF Health & Wellness Department as the ‘go-to’ place for knowledge about Metis health. It also means the department will be respected, trusted, and influential to ensure that Metis have improved health and improved access to appropriate health and social programs.
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