Celebrating Easter

Prayer 1

Lord we come to you knowing:

Music is the universal language and best played in the key of love

Though we are apart we ask that your gift brings us closer together in harmony

We ask as we come to you with one voice and as we listen, we ask that the magic in the music be heard

That it may bring hope and faith of an everlasting peace

That it may bring joy and happiness to our solitude

Unite and strengthen the bond of family and community

Drive out the fears of aloneness and unite us strong and free  

Lord give us the strength to fulfill these good deeds

May our hands be nimble and our voices strong as

We share the gift of music to our people with love and humility

This we ask in your name,


Prayer 2

Lord we give thanks for your presence

Hope we’ve brought honor to you,

we pray that our small part brings

hope and encouragement

helps lift the spirit of our people and strengthens their resolve.

By staying apart, we’ve become closer and more determined to see

that the Beat goes on until we overcome this present and current danger

may the inner spirit of our Good Angels and love

help us take care, stay safe and may the sound of home be the

chimes with peace and happiness

Till our paths again cross, we ask this in your name,  


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