LIVE STREAM – 10AM – July 21, 2020 – Red River Cart Adventures Episode 13

Book: The Secret Adventures of Tiny Toba

Written and Illustrated by: Linda Szyszkowski

Designed by: Daniel Clement

Therapy Dog: June

In this children’s book, a little bear named Tiny Toba is thankful to take YOU on a Gratitude Journey.

 Tiny Toba is grateful to take readers on a Motorcycle Adventure across North America

Linda and Daniel:

  • Linda and Daniel will be reading the book along with Tiny Toba and their therapy dog June by there side
  • They will then talk about their book and why they wrote it
  • Talk about the activities in their book
  • Talk about themselves

Mason, Linda and I will make the craft

Craft: Encouragement cards

Supplies: to go on episode for viewers to see

Construction paper, paper, markers, pens, pencil, and stickers


  • Fold paper in half or cut paper to size you like
  • Write something that you like about the person
  • Say Thank you
  • Wish them a happy day
  • Decorate card

to go on episode for viewers to see

Activity: Mason and I will also present a travel log for parents to make with their kids for car ride adventures


  • Take 4 sheets of paper and cut each one to have 4 equal squares
  • Once cut, punch a hole through the top Left hand corner for each square
  • The first square is the front cover travel book, draw where you are going
  • The next squares can be anything ( draw a flower, car, sun)
  • Use your imagination and have fun

For other car trip games :

New Songs:   to go on the episode for viewers to see

              Every Little Cell (sung to the tune Shorten Bread)


                Every little cell in my body is happy

                Every little cell in my body is well x2

                I’m so glad every cell in my body x2

                is happy and well

Michif Words:  to go on the episode for viewers to see

        Gratitude- maarsimaan

        Kindness- bonn paarsonn

Book Winner:  to go on the episode for viewers to see

 Ava Kennedy

Age : 10

Grade : 5 in the Fall

Guardian : Samantha Kennedy

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