West St. Paul flies MMF flag to recognize strong partnership

 POSTED: JULY 09 2020 – original story at: https://weststpaul.com/p/local-notices/501f954f-4ab6-42ef-8ee1-b355ca7f9327

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) flag will by flying in front of the RM of West St. Paul Municipal Office all summer long in recognition of a relationship that celebrates strong partnerships and strong communities.

West St. Paul announced its participation in the MMF ‘It’s My Community Too’ (IMCT) urban beautification program last month and on July 9 Mayor Cheryl Christian joined MMF President David Chartrand and Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson – co-partners in the program – to celebrate the connections.

“We’re very excited to welcome the President of the Metis Federation and all of the crew involved in this project,” Christian said.

“We’re so excited for this partnership and to show our excitement we are flying your flag all summer long in honour of our partnership.”

Chartrand praised the Mayor for the RM’s impressive display of support.

“On behalf of Metis nation and all our citizens across the province I want to thank Cheryl for such an open invitation,” Chartrand said.

“(We have) a clearly visionary leader here, and both Larry (Johannson) and Cheryl are showing that you can work together. Partnerships are essential in this day and age, especially when we’re tackling COVID and when we face an economy that’s struggling to find different ways of establishing strategies.”

IMCT is an employment readiness program for Metis, Non-Status and Inuit workers experiencing barriers to employment.

In West St. Paul, the crew, who were all on hand for the flag raising, will beautify green spaces by trimming trees and removing dead ones from public reserves and parks. The program is funded by MMF.

“It’s a win-win relationship and we’re so pleased to be working with the MMF. We’re proud to be part of this with Selkirk, our partner in the region. Good things come from good partnerships and we really see this as just the beginning,” Christian said.

Johannson also acknowledged a strong partnership with Chartrand and the MMF.

Chartrand said the work crew can address a problem all municipalities are facing.

“There is a challenge here, nature has taken a beating on a lot of our beautiful trees and locations where families walk or meet and greet and West St. Paul or Selkirk face challenges in their own budgets so why not use a different partner to achieve the same outcome that the citizens want?” he said.

“It’s a win-win for all of us. I look forward to a long-term partnership with West St. Paul and I truly can’t ask for a better partner.”

As an employment readiness training program, IMCT combines classroom training, safety certification and hands-on work experience. Trainees earn a wage throughout the program and receive employment and training counselling and assistance in developing career goals and actions plans, job search strategies and referrals to other employment and training opportunities.

Top three photos: The flag raising ceremony on July 9; bottom photo, Mayor Christian and MMF President David Chartrand enjoy a chat. ShareTweet

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