What is the MMF doing for Citizens?

The MMF is developing a communication plan to distribute information to assist Metis Citizens in learning more about the virus and how to prevent infection. Up-to-date information will be available on this web page, as well as the MMF’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and in the Le Metis email newsletter.

To help our people, the MMF Housing Department will be making available three mobile tiny homes for emergencies in the villages or towns where families or family members need to self-isolate. In addition, N4 Metis Construction, a Manitoba Metis Government-owned company under the direction of MMF Minister Jack Park, is mobilizing two secure 48-bed camps as fully-accessible health facilities as part of a larger action of community supports for people entering self-isolation and for those with special needs.

The MMF is also undertaking inventories and identifying equipment, resources and staff while completing a gap analysis for moving these across our province to assist our Metis Citizens and, when necessary, bringing our Citizens to where assistance can be accessed, as well as making purchases as required for what we need

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